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We exist to offer our clients education, hope, and support in a compassionate environment. All of our services are free and confidential. Our services have recently expanded beyond pregnancy support to include sexual health consultations for men and women.  

Pregnancy Testing 

Our trained peer counselors help women facing unexpected pregnancy by listening to them, offering information on all of their choices, and supporting them no matter what they decide. 

STI Testing 

Our STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) Testing offers limited testing for the most common STI's. Our nurses meet with clients, offering important educational information on sexual health. If a test is positive, the nurse will be able to further guide the client in steps necessary to treat the disease.

Man Sitting on Stairs
Parenting Classes 

Through the parenting program, clients earn points to help them receive essential items for their baby such as diapers, clothes, and car seats. Regular one-on-one classes with a mentor gives them someone to talk to as they learn more  about prenatal health, parenting skills, relationships, and more. 


Our limited obstetrical ultrasound gives our clients a chance to see the miracle of unborn life. Compassionate nurses offer information on fetal development. 

Sexual Risk Avoidance

Sexual Risk Avoidance classes are taught by our staff in area schools to middle and high school grades. Students learn about crucial topics such as healthy relationships, boundaries, emotions, and setting life goals. Contact with these students provides a foundation of trust for those who may need our services later. 

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